Contlo vs Klaviyo

Contlo is trusted by 1000+ global e-commerce brands and has been ranked as a leader in 80+ G2 reports

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Brands using Contlo are getting up to 75% additional revenue boost, 10X their existing ROI using AI personalized Email & SMS Campaigns and delivering exceptional customer support

Here’s how Contlo is better than Klaviyo

  • 24×7 Support with Dedicated Success Manager

Contlo offers round-the-clock exceptional customer support, across Email, Chat & Call. Along with a dedicated Success Manager, who will assist you with everything to help you grow faster.

  • One-click instant Migration from Klaviyo

With Contlo it’s easier and affordable to migrate data, automation journey and flows which will be up and running in just few minutes.

  • Ecommerce Marketing & Helpdesk, in one platform

Send marketing campaigns, set up automations, create customer segments and access all conversation including Email, SMS, voice, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram & Chat within a single platform.

Stop overpaying Klaviyo & increase your ROI.

Advanced capabilities in forms

In addition to popups & flyout forms, Contlo also offers:

  • Gamification forms like spin-the-wheel

  • Collapsible teaser form

  • Dedicated product blocks to personalize form for every user

  • Website personalization & On-site nudges using form

  • N variant A/B testing

  • Native advance targeting options based on user’s behavior, device, demographic etc within the form builder

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360° customer profile across both marketing and support

Since Contlo offers both marketing and helpdesk solutions on a single platform, you gain full visibility into your customer’s activities, behaviors & interactions across your website/marketing campaigns.

Generative AI capabilities

Generate Email templates, subject lines, CTAs, images, automation workflows etc using just a prompt.

All of it is powered by Brand AI™️, that let’s you setup your own Brand AI and generate all your marketing assets that are aligned with your brand.

Contextual Generation through Brand AI

More features for lesser price, better value for money

Points of Differences


Klaviyo for Marketing

Generic Support Tools

Built for E-commerce

Web push as a marketing channel

Marketing & Support in one platform

Truly Omnichannel Marketing + Support

Complete 360° view of your customers

Generative AI capabilities

Marketing & Sales Analytics

Support & Helpdesk Analytics

AI powered analytics, reports & recommendations

Advance capabilities in Forms & better targeting

Automation workflows & customer journeys

Assisted Migration & 24/7 support with dedicated CSM

Customer Segmentation & Personalization

Dedicated Helpdesk with ticket management & auto assignment of agents