Contlo vs Webengage

Make right choices
to grow your
ecommerce business

Stop using generic automation tools like Webengage. Switch to marketing automation platform built for Ecommerce stores & D2C Brands.

Contlo Marketing and customer data Platform is built ground up for eCommerce & D2C brands and takes care of use cases specific to the eCommerce merchants out of the box. Contlo enables eCommerce stores & D2C brands to boost their sales, drive customer loyalty, and customer retention using advanced automation and omnichannel customer engagement.

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Why Contlo?

Ecommerce focus Contlo vs Webengage

  • Purpose built for ecommerce stores. Offers deep integration with platforms like Shopify, to pull ecommerce specific data directly into the platform and solve specific use cases.

  • Not built to focus on ecommerce vertical, built for mobile Apps

Ease of integration Contlo vs Webengage

  • One-click installation. Instantly starts syncing with your ecommerce platform (Shopify) and offers out of the box ecommerce focused solutions. Start sending campaigns & setup automations from day 0

  • Requires manual setup & Integration, with many months long integration timeline. Requires developer dependency to push data points from ecommerce platform

Ecommerce focused apps Contlo vs Webengage

  • In-built Appstore with integrated ecommerce centric apps like reviews, loyalty etc. On-demand third party tool integration to plugin with your existing tools/apps.

  • No App store

Email Editor Contlo vs Webengage

  • Offers advanced ecommerce focused editor, with dynamic drag-and-drop blocks like Recommended products, Bi-directional discount/promo code, Abandoned cart products, Dynamic tags etc.

  • Generic email editor, requires manual tag creation, and doesn’t support all types ecommerce tags

SMS Contlo vs Webengage

  • Supports 2-way conversational SMS with your customers. Pre-defined ecommerce specific dynamic tags such as shop URL, Product URL, and more which can be directly added in the messages.

  • Doesn’t support 2-way SMS, and requires manual creation of dynamic tags with limited usecase

Analytics Contlo vs Webengage

  • In-depth ecommerce growth focused insights that matters the most. Take important decisions using granular campaign/automation step/audience level insights

  • Generic reports, not ecommerce focused

Audience Segmentation Contlo vs Webengage

  • Detailed Segmentation of customers using 20+ properties and events specific to ecommerce

  • Limited to customer profile data, very high level segmentation non-specific to ecommerce

Referral App Contlo vs Webengage

  • Contlo offers a standalone Referral App directly downloadable from Contlo’s AppStore allowing Existing customers to earn rewards upon every referral

  • Does not offer a referral app. Brand needs to install a 3rd party app to enable referral function on their website

Pricing Contlo vs Webengage

  • Transparent & highly affordable pricing with contacts as axis.
  • Expensive without any price transparency