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2 Days Night-out Generative AI Hackathon!

Fueled by a lot of ☕caffeine, ????creativity & ✊Camaraderie!

What was the Challenge!

The theme of that hackathon was to create an innovative solution to a real-world problem using OpenAI’s technologies (Whisper, GPT, Codex, or DALL-E 2) or any other open-source models.

Participants were expected to leverage the unique capabilities and emergent behaviors of these models to develop a solution that addressed a pressing real-world issue. Participants were encouraged to explore the potential of these advanced AI technologies and come up with solutions that could improve communication, streamline workflows, improve productivity, or build entirely new applications.

hackathon challenge

There was a track for everyone!

The CODE track for “Tinkerers”

Developers, coders, and tinkering enthusiasts! Collaborated, learnt, and flexed their coding muscles to create a GitHub library that showcased their AI prowess.

The CONCEPT track for “Thinkers”

All product managers, designers, and collaborated, brainstormed, and let their imaginations run wild as they created the blueprint for the next big thing in AI.

Glimpse of the Hackathon

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Parent Patrol

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Mentors & Guest Speakers

Frame 112990 1

Luis Serrano

NLP Engineer, Cohere

Frame 112986

Kundan Kumar

Head of Artificial Intelligence, Descript

Frame 112988

Thrivikrama Taula

Machine Learning and AI Manager, Etsy

Frame 112991

Goutam Kurumella

Senior Manager, Startup Solutions Architecture, AWS

Frame 112979 1

Ishaan Bhola

CEO & Co-founder, Contlo

Frame 112980

Pratyush Rai

Co-founder, Merlin

Jury Panel

An assembly of industry experts, seasoned entrepreneurs, investors and innovative thought leaders

Frame 112981 1

Vaibhav Domkundwar

CEO & Founder, Better Capital

Frame 112987

Vishwesh Pai

Sr. Director of Product, AI Platform, ServiceNow

Abhinav Jain

Abhinav Jain

Founder, Shop 101


Anagh Prasad

VC, Accel

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