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“Definitely try Contlo for Retention Marketing. Don’t waste your time on platforms that require heavy lifting tech efforts for integration. it takes a minute to configure”

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Your brand’s own AI Marketer™

Simply chat with AI to run your entire marketing

Talk to your AI Marketer in chat interface to run your full stack marketing, No more dealing with clunky and complex UI

  • Send Omnichannel Campaigns Across Email, SMS & WhatsApp with simple prompts.

  • Generate Landing Pages, Rich emails, SMS, Social Media creatives and Copies using plain English.

  • Get Deep Marketing performance insights via chat.

  • Seamless support with our Hybrid AI + Human support available 24/7 to assist your business.

“Contlo played an integral role in our growth journey. We are able to drive repeat purchases, Higher AOV, and reduce customer drop-offs. The personalization features have helped us create a more personalized connection with our customers.”

World’s First Brand AI Model™

Generate On-Brand Marketing Creatives using AI

Easily train your brand’s own Generative AI Model for contextual creative generation. The more you use it, the more it learns, the better it gets.

  • Leverage AI to create brand-consistent, high-converting copy and creatives aligned with your brand’s personality.

  • Maximize engagement at every customer touchpoint with hyper-personalization.

  • Watch your Brand Model get better as it generates workflows and analyzes data via self-improvement feedback loop.

“My business has found their email marketing platform to be incredibly helpful and user-friendly. The features it offers provide great value for money.”

Generative Marketing Workflows

Elevate your marketing with Generative Customer Journeys

Not just content, Generate entire marketing workflows. Goodbye templatized automations! Say hello to generative customer journeys

  • Automatically schedule email and SMS campaigns based on dynamic user behaviour.

  • Run automatic A/B tests to identify winning creatives in real time.

  • Smart cross-channel automation flows to boost conversions.

  • Intelligently map customers to relevant segments using your brand’s custom audience management AI.

“Contlo helps you save time and get you out of the burden of going around into different platforms to ensure delivery. It takes care of it all from single dashboard and the integrations are seamless.”

Contlo’s AI Research Lab

Contlo’s AI Research Lab is dedicated to exploring and advancing the use of artificial intelligence in ecommerce marketing. A dedicated team will conduct research and development in areas such as GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks), machine learning, natural language processing, and predictive analytics to create innovative solutions that enhance the customer experience and drive sales.

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