What’s New in Contlo

  • Announced on: January 24, 2024

    Support Dashboard

    Contlo Helpdesk – a dedicated dashboard to manage your customer support

    Effortlessly manage support tickets and delight your customers across all conversation channels such as Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Voice, Instagram DM, Facebook messenger & website chat. Offer an exceptional [...]

  • Announced on: December 11, 2023

    Static and live segments

    Effortlessly create live/static customer segments to hyper-personalize every customer engagement using Contlo

    👉 Live Segments: Dynamically fetch & add audience to the segment in real-time based on given conditions 👉 Static Segments: Create one-time segments of customers who match the [...]

  • Announced on: December 1, 2023

    razorpay with whatsapp

    🚀 Introducing checkout flow for WhatsApp with razorpay

    Let your customers complete their entire shopping journey and checkout using Razorpay without ever leaving their WhatsApp chat. Here how the entire checkout flow with Razorpay works for [...]

  • Announced on: December 1, 2023


    Automation Back Population coming soon to Contlo! 🎊 🚀

    Soon you'll be able to back-populate your newly created automation flows with past user profiles who pre-qualified for the automation prior to its creation date.

  • Announced on: November 17, 2023

    WEB SDK 1

    ✨🚀 Introducing Web SDK for custom websites💻✨

    ✨🚀 Introducing Web SDK for custom websites built using frameworks like Vue, Angular, React, Ember etc 💻✨ 👉 Create custom events from your website to track user behaviors [...]

  • Announced on: November 15, 2023


    [Coming Soon] Contlo Mobile SDK for iOS apps

    📢⌛Contlo Mobile SDK for iOS apps🍎🚀 🧔‍♂️ Engage your iPhone users with AI-personalized campaigns across all customer touchpoints 💬✉️ 🔔 Send rich media mobile push notifications with images, [...]

  • Announced on: November 5, 2023


    🚀 Introducing ✉️ Email as a support channel in Conversations

    🚀 Introducing ✉️ Email as a support channel in Conversations, along with other channels like Instagram, WhatsApp, SMS and voice calls. Now 🔄 sync your support email inbox [...]

  • Announced on: October 31, 2023

    in app

    ✨ Introducing In-app messages and nudges 🔔 for mobile apps 📱

    Boost mobile app user engagement 🚀 and capture attention throughout every stage of their navigation journey. 🎯 Engage mobile app users with highly personalized & contextual targeting 🏞️ [...]

  • Announced on: October 24, 2023


    Introducing Mobile SDK for flutter apps

    🔔 Send highly customizable and personalized rich-media push notifications with multiple CTAs & and interactive elements like Images, GIFs, Videos, etc. 📢 Get in-depth insights into user behaviour [...]

  • Announced on: October 24, 2023

    beamer pop

    🎊 Excited to announce our integration with POPcoins – India’s first ecosystem-currency

    Drive exceptional customer engagement & and boost CLTV by engaging with every loyal customer added via POP. 📨 Send personalized campaigns 🛒 Trigger automated loyalty customer journeys based [...]