Get ready to be dazzled! ✨Introducing Contlo AI Marketer™ ✨

product-update: Get ready to be dazzled! ✨Introducing Contlo AI Marketer™ ✨

Welcome to the Future of Marketing with the World’s First Personal AI Marketing Assistant powered by your Brand’s own AI Model

Now get your entire marketing done by simply chatting with AI.

Get crisp and concise channel-wise campaign performance, business growth insights, revenue reports, segment performance and automation analytics with just a prompt

Generate eye-catching marketing copies and images in seconds using plain English

Let AI assist you with end-to-end omnichannel campaign management across all marketing touchpoints

Reach your customers with hyper-personalised AI-generated customer journeys

And that’s not all!

Get 24/7 Hybrid AI+Human Support. Experience lightning-fast resolutions for all your queries and receive tailored suggestions.

Also, Seamlessly switch from speaking with AI to speaking to a human agent in an instant.

AI Marketer™ leverages your brand’s data to fuel its ML models. The more you use it, the faster it learns and the better it gets at optimizing marketing performance.