Grow Your Business with Conversational SMS

Maximize the value of your marketing efforts, whether you’re new to text messaging or transitioning from another SMS service

SMS for ecommerce marketing

Why SMS Marketing? Perhaps You Should Ask ‘Why Not?’

Businesses using Contlo SMS are growing 5x faster compared to those who are not.

Upto 98%

Open Rates

Upto 45%

Response Rates

Upto 15%

Higher Conversion rate

Upto 80%

Opt-in Rates

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Enhance Customer relationships, Enrich Journeys & Streamline Support using 2-way SMS

With Contlo, you can offer personalized, human responses to customer texts, and our built-in contact cards ensure that you are easily identifiable. Additionally, our integrations with Gorgias and Zendesk make it easier for your support team to manage SMS conversations and provide efficient support to your customers.

SMS conversations to strengthen relationships and streamline support
SMS campaigns and automations to reach customers in the moment

Behavioural targeting in Campaigns and Automations to engage customer in the moment

Influence customer’s buying propensity by using real-time behavioral targeting in campaigns and automation to effectively engage your customers with personalized SMS. Effortlessly integrate Contlo SMS with emails, allowing you to deliver targeted messages to customers through their preferred channel.

Ensure Healthy Lists and High Deliverability with SMS Compliance Safeguards

Managed Opt-in Consents

Complying with relevant regulations and best practices with the necessary features to ensure that you have explicit consent from your customers before sending them SMS. While our opt-out option gives customers the ability to unsubscribe from future messages.

Clear Merchant Identification

Contlo lets clearly identify your business in all SMS marketing messages, including the sender name and contact information. By ensuring clear identification, you can build trust with your customers and ensure that they know who is contacting them.

Regional Compliance

Ensuring compliance with SMS marketing regulations can be complex, especially when operating in multiple regions. Contlo’s SMS marketing tool offers customized solutions and regional expertise to help businesses navigate the unique compliance requirements in each market.

Spam protection

Be confident that your SMS marketing efforts are ethical and compliant. Contlo’s SMS marketing tool includes spam protection features to help you avoid sending unwanted or unsolicited messages to your customers.