⚡️✨ Introducing Contlo + Simpl checkout integration!

product-update: ⚡️✨ Introducing Contlo + Simpl checkout integration!


Engage your shoppers using Contlo’s powerful automation flows across all marketing touch-points during every stage of their (BNPL) Buy Now Pay Later checkout journey with Simpl

Events you can use to trigger automation flows or create segments in Contlo:

Checkout Started: Nudge your shopper with a cross-sell/up-sell offer to increase ACV or Send a personalized email/SMS to customers who have items in their cart but haven’t completed the checkout process

Login Completed: Set up a welcome series to introduce your customers to new products and offers, encouraging them to complete their journey

Address Submitted: Suggest products that are popular in their region or have been purchased by customers in similar areas
Order Completed: Set up a review collection automation to boost customer loyalty and get feedback

Payment Method Selected: Encourage your shoppers to select Simpl as their preferred payment method by offering exciting cash-backs

And a lot more…