We’ve added an all-new webhook block in our automation builder

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Orchestrating automated actions in our automation builder is no longer limited to Contlo’s functionalities. We are launching Webhooks in automations which is a drag-and-drop webhook block that can be added to your flows allowing seamless bi-directional data sync with third-party applications.

Need to create a ticket in your support tool when someone gives a 3 star review? No problem at all! or Looking for a way to issue a gift card to your customers based on how they have engaged with one of your Whatsapp campaign? Piece of cake with our new webhook block.

Key Highlights:

  • Bi-directional sync of data from Contlo to any third-party application
  • POST request allows you to pass the relevant information to the destination webhook URL
  • You can also add key-value pairs under request header sections like key = ‘content_type’, value = ‘JSON’ and can be added to the body accordingly.