Introducing Contlo App Market

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Now extend Contlo’s platform functionality through apps that can be installed in one single click. With new apps and integrations getting added every month.

Supercharge your eCommerce capabilities with power-packed apps like Product reviews, Conversations & support over SMS & WhatsApp, Magic Link, and more…

Engage website visitors and collect zero-party data using gamified forms such as Spin the Wheel

Convert first-time visitors into loyal customers using the most powerful and highly customizable referral app

Take better data-driven decisions using custom reports & insights from RFM & cohort analysis

Take your customer retention to next level by driving mid-funnel retargeting across Facebook & Google ads

Seamlessly integrate with third-party apps and platforms like GoKwik, Smart Wishlist, and more to utilize their events & triggers across automation flows

Explore Contlo App Market:

P.S. Inviting developers and builders to build integrations & apps on Contlo App Market