Conversational Commerce & Support by Contlo

Introducing Conversations by Contlo ⚡️, offering a complete solution to eCommerce brands for conversational commerce and support.

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Deliver an exceptional support experience to your customers by making your conversations more meaningful. No more switching between your Marketing App & Support App while resolving a support ticket because Contlo offers a 360 deg view of your customer’s profile and activities and a lot more:

Keep your most frequently used replies that can be templatized at your fingertips with Quick Responses

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Sometimes just Open and Closed ticket status are not enough, Contlo allows you to create and manage custom ticket status

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Be there, where your customers are… Track and manage tickets across multiple channels like SMS, and WhatsApp with Live Chat, Instagram & Facebook messenger coming soon.

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Organize your tickets and conversations better using Tags management

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Get a holistic view of the Customer360 profile and user activity timeline

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Add multiple agents to the platform and easily orchestrate ticket assignments

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and more…

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Reach out to your account managers to enable it on your store.