Unleash the power of mobile apps built on Appbrew and eCommerce-centric omnichannel customer engagement using Contlo

Introducing Contlo + Appbrew integration

appbrew contlo

Unleash the power of mobile apps built on Appbrew and eCommerce-centric omnichannel customer engagement using Contlo

️⚡️ Enable MOBILE PUSH NOTIFICATION as a brand-new engagement channel in Contlo to communicate with your customers
⚡️ Create unique segments based on your customer’s behavior on the mobile app and target them differently across campaigns & automation
⚡️ Build hyper-targeted automation flows based on Appbrew-specific events & triggers

For Eg:
Upon an abandoned cart event on the mobile app, send a Mobile Push Notification within a few minutes followed by your regular omnichannel automation flow
Create a separate user segment of your mobile app users and offer some extra discounts OR Invite your non-mobile app users to install your app and incentivize them appropriately
And a lot more…

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