Generate hyper-realistic images for emails and forms using AI

Say Goodbye 👋 to generic stock images and start generating personalized, hyper-realistic and high-converting visuals for your emails and forms using just a plain text prompt.

Introducing ⚡️ Generative AI-powered Image generator ⚡️ within Contlo’s Email & form builder.

Allowing modern ecommerce businesses to leverage their store data such as product images, brand design kits, customer data, sales data and historic marketing performance to generate highly engaging images that are tailored to the audience’s preference.

Now you can also train your brand’s own AI model to generate marketing creatives.

👉 Use AI-generated image variations to run A/B test both on Emails and Forms
👉 Generate images that are perfectly aligned with the brand’s aesthetics and showcase them to boost the engagement on Forms & Emails campaigns
👉 Personalise Email banners based on historic data using products that a customer is most likely to buy