Introducing Advance Analytics 2.0 ⚡

Enabling eCommerce merchants to take data-driven decisions using granular & in-depth performance insights from our latest analytics dashboard around sales, marketing, customers, products & channels.

Business Intelligence ( Sales/brand performance)

Get a holistic view of your brand’s sales performance categorized by Revenue & Orders generated by Contlo

Marketing Performance

Develop an in-depth understanding of what’s working in marketing across Campaigns, Automations & Forms. Get a granular view of the performance report of each

Customer Analytics

Understand your customers better & take data-driven decisions with a top-level view of their purchase behavior on your Shopify store

Product Insights (Product/Collection performance)

Learn about which product’s Sales Performance / Abandon Rate / Return Rate across collections with Contlo’s product performance analytics

Channel-wise Performance

Get a clear picture of channel-wise performance, identify which channel is driving the maximum revenue for your brand, and double down on that