Hyper-Localized Hyper-targeted Hyper-Personalized Shopping Experience for your customers

Contlo’s Form builder is now more powerful than ever, Introducing advanced real-time targeting for forms in Contlo.

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Now you can target your customers with a higher level of granularity using Contlo. Either collect zero-party data or Show dynamic product recommendations to upsell/cross-sell based on their:

Based on Geo Location

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Deliver a highly personal shopping experience to your visitors across your ecommerce store by localizing the offers & alerts using geo-specific targeting. 1f4cc Country, region, or city

Eg use case: You can show unique offers to customers coming from different countries or cities

Based on User Engagement Properties

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Drive conversion on your ecommerce store and engage with all types of website visitors differently by designing a highly personalized form that’s meant only for them. Eg use case: Show a different discount to users who are coming 2nd time vs customers coming to your store first time.

Eg use case: Now target real-time messaging to customers based on what and how many products they have in their cart

Based on Cart Status

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Encourage cross-sell & up-sell using dynamic product recommendations inside forms depending upon the state of their shopping cart

Eg use case: Now target real-time messaging to customers based on what and how many products they have in their cart

Device/Browser/OS specific

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Deliver an unmatches customer experience by customizing data collection specific to each device, browser, OS, or screen size

Eg use case: Show premium products to customers coming from iOS

and, That’s not all…

Create hyper-targeted forms to serve advance use cases using AND/OR logics, display conditions & auto dismissal

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