Last Updated on January 22, 2022

6 Best Alternatives To Klaviyo

6 Best Alternatives To Klaviyo

Digital marketing has been buzzing about marketing automation. Marketing automation is a strategy that is used to automate various aspects of a company’s marketing process. It can help business owners to streamline their marketing efforts. Digital Automation simplifies the process by removing unnecessary repetitive tasks such as email marketing, social media engagement, and search engine optimization (SEO) and provides a more efficient way for marketers to manage their time and resources. Klaviyo is a marketing automation software that helps marketers achieve their business goals by providing a single platform that integrates email, SMS, Dropshipping, and web analytics.

Klaviyo is one of the most popular email marketing software that helps marketers grow their audience more efficiently. Its headquarters is based in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. It has some great benefits for marketers which are why they have been so successful in the marketing automation space. Klaviyo is one of the best email marketing software on the market because:

  • It’s easy to use and considered affordable in many countries.
  • It provides a lot of features tailored to help marketers grow their audience.
  • All in one email and SMS marketing platform with one-click integrations.
  • Segmentation and targeting improve email open rates and deliverability.
  • Responsive email templates that will increase ROI.

Some benefits of Klaviyo are that it has integrations with other tools like Shopify, Mailchimp, Stripe, and Slack. So you can import your customers into Klaviyo from other services and then send them targeted emails based on what they purchased or clicked on your website. This makes it easier to keep track of everything you do on your website with less work. Klaviyo allows marketers to send more personalized emails by connecting with their customer data and following up with them on different occasions. It also enables marketers to automate the process of sending emails.

Klaviyo provides an easy-to-use interface making it easier for people to work on their campaigns whenever they want and wherever they are.

Klaviyo offers a wide range of features that are essential to any e-commerce business but are often overlooked. Klaviyo can be used to create custom audiences, for example. You can segment your customers by anything from the products they purchased to the pages they visited on your site.

Klaviyo has a variety of email automation tools that are easy to set up and use. The first thing you’ll want to do is create a Streamlined Process for Sending Emails. This will help you stay organized and send emails at the right time so you can achieve your goals!

Klaviyo Pricing

If you wanna have a fair idea about the klaviyo pricing, it basically works on the number of contacts and number of SMS sent. The free plan that they offer is free up to 250 contacts per user. Then starting from $20/month for an additional 251+ contacts. SMS plan is calculated based on per SMS sent, so the pricing for that will be $0.01 per SMS sent. If you want to send an MMS it also works on klaviyo for $0.03$ per MMS sent. Another combined plan is Email+SMS which is free up to 250 contacts. The basic starting plan price from $20/ month for 251+ leads/contacts. Costing $0.01 or $0.03 per month per SMS or MMS sent.

  • $45 per month for 1001 contacts
  • $110 per month for 5001 contacts
  • $175 per month for 10001 contacts

Suppose you have a contact list of 10,000 email addresses/leads. Normally this would cost $150 per month just for email marketing service with an additional of $450 per month for SMS marketing service, totaling up to $600 per month for 10,000 contacts which are somewhat similar to the enterprise plan and arguably costly considering what other competitors are offering in the modern world.

Why klaviyo isn’t for you?

Most people who use Klaviyo know that there are some cons to the platform – like

  • Some of Klaviyo’s features are complex to use and not designed for beginner email marketers.
  • If you are an experienced or even an intermediate email marketer you will notice that klaviyo misses the lead scoring feature that can be very useful in categorizing and targeting in marketing.
  • Klaviyo is not an ideal option for beginners who are new to email marketing spending lots of time in ideation, figuring out who their target audience is, and marketers who wanna build a contact base before launching their product.
  • Customer support is always taken into consideration for any digital marketing tool these days. There are many users whose tokens are pending and looking at many threads it seems that a user has to wait a long time to get his problem solved.
  • Welcome to the world of data-driven marketing, klaviyo provides statistical data trends that help you make better decisions. But for beginners, this data can be overwhelming. For a beginner, only customer data points and some email metrics are important because other metrics can just confuse the user.
  • Also, the pricing of this tool can get heavy as your contacts grow. When compared to the competitors this means that you have to upgrade your account soon in order to use the advanced features.

Therefore, if you need an alternative to Klaviyo, this article will help you find one.

Here are the 6 best klaviyo alternatives.


Contlo is a Customer Relationship & Data Platform for Ecommerce Businesses to grow faster. Contlo enables Ecommerce and D2C brands to build and deliver personalized customer experiences at scale across channels. Contlo enables e-commerce brands to generate more revenue, increase retention, and automate personalized experiences for their customers Using Contlo 100s of global eCommerce brands are turning online shoppers into loyal, lifetime customers through our powerful customer data platform and marketing applications like Email, SMS, and Reviews.


  • Accelerate growth with a full suite of solutions for customer reviews, Email Marketing, SMS marketing, and reviews app.
  • Email Marketing: Powerful email marketing platform built for eCommerce brands that drive revenue by engaging your existing customers using campaigns, automation, and a powerful segmentation engine
  • SMS Marketing: The most powerful text message marketing platform, built for eCommerce brands. It only takes a few clicks to start driving ROI by engaging your customers with higher-converting mobile experiences.
  • Reviews & Ratings Contlo’s Reviews & User Generated Content product will help you gain deeper insights into what your customers really think and how they truly feel about their overall shopping experience with you.
  • Ecommerce Marketing Automation: Drive sales on autopilot with pre-built automation for cart abandonment, welcome series, transactional emails, and more.
  • Powerful Segmentation Improve your targeting Segment your customers based on their shopping behavior and more properties to improve conversions with well-targeted, personalized emails and texts.
  • 360 Degree Customer View One Connected Customer Relationship Platform Add Reviews, SMS, and more channels right next to your emails using the same platform and provide a consistent, omnichannel customer experience.
  • Get 24/7 rockstar support, 365 days a year. We are always happy to help! 5 minute average response time Global Remote Support Team.

2) Omnisend

Omnisend is a marketing automation software for small and medium businesses. It helps to automate the process of sending out email and text message campaigns. Omnisend focuses on conversion-centric segmentation and automation. Omnisend is one of the better options than klaviyo. It was established in 2004 with over 50,000+ customers right now

Features of Omnisend:

  • Email Marketing and automation: Easy to use email marketing automation platform with pre-made working templates and tested landing pages.
  • Trusted email marketing platform which can run marketing campaigns on 5 different channels with a single dashboard.
  • An awesome combination of email marketing + SMS marketing automation with smart options drag and drop editor.
  • Reporting: Provides detailed reports and also allows you to keep a record of sales, ROI, etc.

3) ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is a marketing automation software that is popular with digital agencies. It is designed to help marketers grow their business by providing them with the tools to send emails, manage contacts, create landing pages, and more. ActiveCampaign seamlessly integrates with all the necessary tools for marketers to be successful in an online world. Marketers can use ActiveCampaign to send personalized messages through email, social media ads, or landing pages. They can also use it to track customer behavior and engagement metrics. ActiveCampaign founded in 2003 has a large suite of tools for marketers that also makes it stand out from other competitors in its field. ActiveCampaign is a perfect alternative to Mailchimp for sending automated emails and newsletters.


  • Access to pageviews and webinar signups after completion of a campaign journey.
  • Famous for its abandoned cart feature and tracking the data and conversion rate from users throughout the campaign.
  • A/B testing and integral data behavior make the email campaign and customer management more productive.
  • With its unique win-back campaign, ActiveCampaign helps to revive the inactive contacts in the database.
  • ActiveCampaign provides excellent open rates and deliverability makes it one of the best alternatives for klaviyo.

4) Drip

Drip is a marketing automation platform that allows you to send your subscribers content through email. It is used when someone subscribes to your newsletter or when you want to send them articles. Drip provides the following features: email marketing, social media marketing, lead nurturing, in-depth analytics, and more. Drip is commonly known to increase personal and business relationships with customers at scale. Drip focuses a lot on campaign automation and eCommerce customer relationship management.


  • Drip maintains all the customer data, behavior, click, purchases, and event tracking in a database and acts as a customer relationship manager.
  • You can easily segment your customers into cold, warm, and hot leads in drip due to its flexible API.
  • Drip also focuses on a very good visual interface for workflow maintaining a very good user experience. Its drag and drop builder is not only easy to use but also integrates with a lot of external tools.
  • Drip is known for on-point personalized and understanding customer journey aiming at high customer satisfaction rate and audience growth.
  • Drip has hyper-targeting functionality with an A/B testing feature that helps in the growing audience in multiple channels.

5) Getresponse

Getresponse is a popular email marketing tool, which is used by small businesses for creating emails, building email lists, and managing subscriber information. It’s also used by large enterprises to automate various aspects of their email campaigns. GetResponse has been in the automation market for 15 years with over 5,00,000+ people using their service to make their online business grow productively. With Getresponse, you can create the perfect drip campaign that reaches out to your customers at the right time with the right offer.

You can also use this tool to easily track the responses and engagement of your email subscribers. It is one of the tools which is like the jack of all trades. Many affiliate gurus recommend GetResponse as their number one go-to tool in the market. Getresponse integrates with all the major eCommerce platforms like glue.


  • GetResponse provides a native eCommerce plugin that will automatically manage the product inventory in the dashboard.
  • Getresponse can be used to build professional-looking email marketing campaigns with its tailor-made email marketing templates. It also offers us to build custom email templates and landing pages from scratch with a simple drag and drop builder.
  • This tool also allows building a sales funnel with upsells feature inbuilt in it. And with its readymade sales funnel template which is already tested by thousands of marketers around the world, there is a very low margin of error.
  • GetResponse also helps us to create Facebook and Instagram from in-house, build custom workflows and track the sales and other metrics for converting visitors into loyal customers.

6) Sendinblue

Sendinblue is a provider of email marketing and transactional messaging solutions for modern marketers. It allows you to send newsletters, automate follow-ups, and get instant feedback on your campaigns. Sendinblue is a Paris-based company with over 1,75,000 loyal customers. Sendinblue is relatively new when compared to all the other tools in this list. Sendinblue provides competitive prices with all the features for newsletter automation and list segmentation. Sendinblue is a cloud-based email marketing platform that allows you to send newsletters, automate follow-ups, and get instant feedback on your campaigns.

Sendinblue has features such as personalization, great-looking templates, scheduled emails with smart reminders, and more. Sendinblue’s simple drag and drop editor makes it easy to create high-performing emails in minutes!



  • Email autoresponders with a lot of pre-made and tested transactional emails. You can also create custom templates with a drag and drop editor.
  • Campaign automation with SMS messages and a live chat feature that will simplify the workflow and enhance efficiency and productivity.
  • Straightforward user interface with very minimal layout when compared to klaviyo. Easy navigation and a very quick setup with very few steps enhance user experience.
  • The segmentation feature allows you to do super-targeted marketing with very high deliverability.
  • Sendinblue provides high converting landing pages that are used and tested by many marketers for Facebook ads etc. It also provides customers with a built-in chat feature that allows the business to boost sales and engagement.

Conclusion: Should You Switch From Klaviyo To Another Marketing Service?

Klaviyo is a great tool for marketing service providers. It is very easy to use, has a lot of features, and provides outstanding customer service. There are some reasons why you may need to switch from Klaviyo to another marketing service.

If you’re required by your client to use another tool, then you will need to switch over (though this is very rare). Much like any other software or technology, Klaviyo will update its product with new features that might not be relevant to your needs.

If your business has grown significantly and Klaviyo’s pricing does not meet your needs anymore, then it might be time to upgrade (or downgrade).