Last Updated on January 12, 2023

How Contlo’s latest AI-powered Email Preheader and Subject line generator works

How Contlos latest AI powered Email Preheader and Subject line generator works scaled

Modern Ecommerce businesses are constantly looking for ways to maximize their open rates and drive maximum results from their email marketing campaigns. One effective strategy for achieving this is by experimenting with different subject lines and preheaders. This can be done through A/B testing, personalization, and timing.

By testing and optimizing these elements, eCommerce businesses can craft subject lines and pre-headers that are more likely to be opened, leading to higher conversion rates and revenue.

To solve this, Contlo is excited to announce the launch of

AI-powered Email preheaders & subject line generator

Hyper-tuned on the world’s leading text-based transformer GPT3 that generates contextually accurate email preheaders and subject lines for ecommerce specific use cases

Now ecommerce businesses can utilize AI to generate catchy subject lines and pre-header text for their email campaigns and emails used in automation flows that guarantee better open and click-through rates, higher conversions and improved deliverability.

Contlo’s AI has been trained on various data sets from over 10 billion emails, with hyperparameter tuning on GPT3 to optimize for maximum conversion via emails. This ensures:

  1. Content accuracy: Craft text copies that are contextually accurate with respect to your business and suitable to be used as a subject line/preheader by using data sets like – Category of operation, ecommerce friendliness, focused to generate sales, etc.
  2. Engagement-based text variations: Upon analyzing historic data sets like open rates, click rates and deliverability, Contlo recommends subject lines that are most likely to outperform any previous campaign.
  3. Sentiment Analysis: Let you set the tone of your subject line/preheader in 13 different tones varying from happy, friendly, professional, formal, joyful and more.
  4. Contextual Syntactic Analysis: The generated subject lines also takes account of learning from performance-based metrics like revenue generated in the past and conversion rates to generate text that ensure better results.
  5. Self-evolving models: Get better with every attempt. The learning and hyper-tuning continues with performance predictions, message clarity, relevance score etc.

This allows Contlo to generate personalized and effective subject lines and preheaders. This vast dataset allows Contlo’s AI to understand what types of subject lines and pre-headers perform best and how to craft messaging that resonates with different audiences.

One powerful use case for eCommerce merchants is the ability to test different subject lines and pre-headers in order to determine which performs best. This is especially useful for merchants who are looking to optimize their email marketing campaigns and drive maximum results. By generating multiple variations of subject lines and pre-headers, merchants can easily A/B test and determine the most effective messaging for their audience.

Another key use case for Contlo’s AI-generated subject lines and pre-headers is the potential to increase open rates. By crafting relevant and engaging subject lines and pre-headers, eCommerce merchants can entice more users to open their emails, leading to higher conversion rates and ultimately resulting in increased revenue.

In addition to these benefits, eCommerce merchants can also expect to see improvements in deliverability thanks to Contlo’s AI-generated subject lines and preheaders. By avoiding spam filters and crafting subject lines that are more likely to be opened, merchants can ensure that their emails are being delivered to their intended audience and not getting lost in the sea of spam.