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General Apps

Most popular and trending apps on Contlo app store

Product Reviews

Bring reviews to your products with Contlo’s Product Review App.

421 installs

magic link
Magic Links

Convert your one-time visitors into loyal customers with Magic Link

18 installs

keywords logo

Branded terms people text to your short code to subscribe to your SMS list

11 installs

wheel of fortune app logo
Spin the Wheel

Offer your customers an opportunity to win exciting coupons through this engaging form type.

571 installs

conversations logo

Allows two-way communication through various channels like WhatsApp, SMS, etc.

26 installs

Additional Marketing Channels

Be where your customers are. Connect with them via omni-channel communication

push notifications logo 2
Push Notification

Convert your one-time visitors into loyal customers with push notifications

186 installs

postcards logo

Combine the personal touch of a printed postcard campaign with Contlo’s powerful data tools

39 installs

Social & Ads

Supercharge your acquisition strategy. Sync customer segments over Social and Ads

facebook ads
Facebook Ads Sync

Sync your contacts in list/segments to your FB audience so that you can target them using Facebook ads.

11 installs

google ads 1
Google Ads Sync

Sync custom Lists and Segments created on Contlo to your Google Ad account

14 installs

Advanced Analytics & Reports

Get granular insights into your customers, business and marketing through powerful analytics apps

RFm logo
RFM Segments

Determine quantitatively which customers are the best ones

551 installs

cohort analysis
Cohort Analysis

Identify target markets by experiences, events or other factors shared by a group of customers

14 installs

Native Integrations

Amazing alone better together. Integrate with tools and apps in the eCommerce ecosystem

magic checkout
Magic Checkout by Razorpay

Payment Gateway provider for your ecommerce store

11 installs


Enables Shopflo events in Contlo

7 installs

get flits 1
Get Flits

Get Flits Customer rewards program

3 installs

shopify logo 1

Connect your Shopify store with Contlo’s personalized marketing services

551 installs

gokwik logo

Enables Gokwik’s post-purchse journey events across COntlo’s campaigns & automations

4 installs

smart whishlist logo
Smart Wishlist

App lets you track all the wishlist users via the smart wishlist.

6 installs

mapple monk logo
Maple Monk

MapleMonk is an end-to-end data management & analytics platform which enables organizations of any..

28 installs

judgeme logo contlo

This integration lets you share reviews data & information across & Contlo

15 installs