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Using Your Brand AI

World’s First Brand Contextual Generative AI Model

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Easily train your Brand AI for Contextual Personalization

Upon adding Brand story, identity, design language, tonality and aesthetic attributes – the AI model deeply understands the brand and creates personalized marketing strategies and activities

Easily train your Brand AI model for Contextual Personalization
Contextual Generation through Brand AI

Contextual Generation to maximize engagement at every customer touchpoint

Leverage AI to create brand-consistent, high-converting copy and creatives. Fine-tuned and trained over 100s of millions of brand-customer interactions and personalized by your Brand AI model and customer behavior

Goodbye templatized automation, say Hi to Generative Customer Journeys

Get ahead of the curve by leveraging generative customer journeys for the first time. Brand AI will now generate self-creating customer journeys, automatically schedule email and SMS campaigns based on dynamic user actions and run automatic experiments to identify winning creatives and copy in real time

Generative Customer Journeys through Brand AI

Contextual Personalization of Brand Creatives through the Integration of Brand Attributes in Generative AI Models

Leverage Brand AI to generate marketing assets, customer journeys and more