Contlo vs Wigzo

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Still using Wizgo? Switch to a better marketing automation platform built for Ecommerce stores & D2C Brands.

Contlo Marketing and customer data Platform is built ground up for eCommerce & D2C brands and takes care of use cases specific to the eCommerce merchants out of the box. Contlo enables eCommerce stores & D2C brands to boost their sales, drive customer loyalty, and customer retention using advanced automation and omnichannel customer engagement.

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Why Contlo?

Automation Contlo vs Wigzo

  • Easy to use & incredibly intuitive to setup automation.

  • Steep learning curve with many missing events & triggers

User Experience Contlo vs Wigzo

contlo user experience
  • Easy to use environment with modern & user-friendly design
  • Not a great UX & UI experience

Appstore Contlo vs Wigzo

  • Install inhouse apps like Facebook sync, reviews, push notifications etc in a single click directly from the appstore

  • No Appstore

Reviews Contlo vs Wigzo

  • Powerful integrated reviews app with ability to collect reviews from amazon and Flipkart

  • No reviews app

Email Editor Contlo vs Wigzo

  • Offers advanced ecommerce focused editor, with dynamic drag-and-drop blocks like Recommended products, Bi-directional discount/promo code, Abandoned cart products, Dynamic tags etc

  • Completely Generic email editor that doesn’t support any kind of dynamic product block, and also does not support ecommerce tags

Deliverabilty Contlo vs Wigzo

  • High Deliverability of Emails

  • Very low deliverability of emails

Segmentation Contlo vs Wigzo

  • Event and property based filters
  • Second level filters in events
  • Website activity level filters
  • Value based filters
  • Segmentation on customer activity on email & SMS
  • Very Limited Event and property based filters

  • No Second level filters

  • Website activity level filters not available

  • Wigzo don’t provide Value based filters

  • Wigzo Doesn’t Offer Segmentation on customer activity based on email & SMS

Automation Builder Contlo vs Wigzo

  • Segment based automations
  • Personalized recommendations in emails
  • Dynamic product blocks in emails
  • No support for Segment based automations

  • No Personalized recommendations in emails

  • Dynamic product blocks in emails not available

Customizable Data feeds Contlo vs Wigzo

  • Let’s you create personalized product feeds based on historic data using users & product properties

  • Does not support product feeds

Customer activity Contlo vs Wigzo

  • Activity based on purchase intent
  • Behavior on eCommerce store
  • Does not track user purchase intent
  • Does not track user behavioral tracking

Pricing Contlo vs Wigzo

  • Transparent & highly affordable pricing with contacts as axis.

  • Expensive without any price transparency