Contlo vs Omnisend

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Still using Omnisend? Switch to a better marketing automation platform built for Ecommerce stores & D2C Brands.

Contlo Marketing and customer data Platform is built ground up for eCommerce & D2C brands and takes care of use cases specific to the eCommerce merchants out of the box. Contlo enables eCommerce stores & D2C brands to boost their sales, drive customer loyalty, and customer retention using advanced automation and omnichannel customer engagement.

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Why Contlo?

Whatsapp Contlo vs Omnisend

  • Whatsapp is a first-class channel in Contlo. Connect 1on1 with your customers over WhatsApp, Use it as your support channel, or communicate important updates

  • Omnisend doesn’t support WhatsApp

SMS DLT Contlo vs Omnisend

  • Contlo integrates with SMS vendor and India DLTs

  • No DLT support. It costs you Rs 6.36 to send one SMS

Reviews App Contlo vs Omnisend

  • Powerful integrated reviews app with ability to collect reviews from amazon and Flipkart

  • No self made apps

Customer Success Contlo vs Omnisend

  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager

  • No or limited support in base plans

Pricing Contlo vs Omnisend

  • 50-60% more affordable than Omnisend, even at scale

  • Very expensive with exponential pricing increase at scale