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How our referral program works?

  • Generate your unique referral link

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  • They onboard with us on a paid plan

  • Get your referral bonus in cash

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The referred brand gets one month FREE Trial & unlimited growth opportunity using our AI powered marketing & helpdesk solutions,

You earn 2x of their monthly plan in cash,

And we get a new member in the clan.

contlo referral program


Simply fill out the form above to generate your unique referral link. Share the link with business owners you know or someone who may need Contlo to grow their business. You will get rewarded once they onboard with Contlo using your referral link.
Once they sign up using your referral link, they will get a one month free trial of Contlo and you will earn a cash reward worth 2x of their monthly plan.

No, there’s no limit! The more you refer, the more you can earn. Each successful referral who signs up for a paid plan contributes to your rewards.

It’s simple. Once we finalize the commercials with the referred brand, you will be eligible to get 2 times of their monthly plan.

For eg: If the referred brands onboard with Contlo on $300/month plan, you are eligible to earn $600

Your cash reward will be processed after the referred business has completed three months (first month free + 2 months on billing cycle) with Contlo.

Absolutely! Your referrals will receive a one-month free trial of Contlo to experience the full benefits of our platform.

Someone from the Contlo team will get in touch with you shortly after we receive any lead from your referral link to coordinate the onboarding of the brand. Once the brand completes three months with Contlo, we will get in touch with you to help you claim your reward.
If a referral cancels their subscription before three months, the referral is not considered successful, and the reward is not granted.

For any queries related to Contlo Referral Program reach out to us at

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