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A Vertical Marketplace for Beauty & Cosmetic products builds customer loyalty to grow revenue from repeat purchases by 250%

Cosmetic Hero

Problem Statement

According to recent studies, the beauty industry is one of the fastest growing industries and is expected to continue on the same path in coming years. In 2022 only, the Indian beauty industry grew by over 143% reaching a market size of $25 bn. Players witnessed explosive competition due to the rapid rise in number of brands catering to customer’s niche requirements. In an indsutry of such enormous proportions, building a brand identity by intelligently engaging with customers becomes a necessity in order to expand one’s audience base.

The brand faced its own unique set of challenges in the beauty segment – ranging from expanding its customer base to driving repeat purchases and clamping down on order cancellations. Keeping hold of a customer’s attention is the key to driving sales. Low customer engagement leads to lower rates of repeat purchases – hampering the overall health of a business. Customer loyalty is the cornerstone of any brand’s growth strategy – especially in a segment like skincare.

As a vertical marketplace, one of the biggest issue for the brand was acquiring new customers and retaining them. The brand was also facing low-open rates and engagement on their outreach campaigns.

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