The webinar, featuring Chandni Soni, VP – Engagement & Product – Contlo, and Abhishek Patra, CEO & Co-Founder – Zoronto, delved into strategies and trends for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It emphasized leveraging AI in marketing, the importance of early planning, personalized communication, and smart discounting strategies. Insights into common mistakes and future trends in Black Friday campaigns were also shared.

Key Takeaways from the Webinar:

  1. Importance of Early and Strategic Planning:

    • Start planning your Black Friday campaigns months in advance.
    • Utilize data-driven strategies rather than last-minute efforts.
  2. Leveraging AI in Marketing:

    • Incorporate AI tools for creating personalized campaigns and insights.
    • AI can assist in segmenting audiences and optimizing campaign schedules.
  3. Hyper-Personalization at Scale:

    • Segment customers based on purchase history and preferences.
    • Tailor discounts and communications to different customer segments for better engagement and conversion.
  4. Effective Discounting Strategies:

    • Consider straightforward, easy-to-understand offers.
    • Experiment with tiered discounts or add complimentary gifts to enhance value.
  5. Avoiding Common Pitfalls:

    • Don’t bombard unengaged audiences with promotions.
    • Ensure your communication is consistent across all channels.
    • Avoid relying solely on one marketing channel.
  6. Customer Engagement and Retention:

    • Focus on building long-term customer relationships.
    • Provide a seamless and enjoyable buying experience.
  7. Future Trends in Black Friday Sales:

    • Expect more personalized, AI-driven marketing strategies.
    • Black Friday sales may become more of a month-long event rather than a single-day peak.
  8. Multi-Channel Marketing:

    • Diversify your marketing channels (email, SMS, push notifications) for broader reach and better engagement.
  9. Post-Black Friday Strategy:

    • Analyze data from Black Friday sales to inform future strategies.
    • Continue engaging customers post-sale to maintain momentum.
  10. Global vs. Local Behaviour:

    • Tailor your Black Friday strategies to your audience demographics and geographical spread.

This webinar provided valuable insights for businesses looking to enhance their Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaigns, with a strong focus on data-driven strategies, AI integration, and customer-centric approaches.