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Welcome to Part 2 of the quick roundup of the biggest and the most awaited product update, Shopify Editions, Summer of ‘22 titled “Connect To Consumer” or smartly called C2C. 

I am excited to provide you with the details of the latest Shopify updates that didn’t make it to Part 1.

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Up first is the theme of 1) Creating Conditions

Know more, and do more with customer data!

ShopifyQL Notebooks – No offense but, We can kiss our data scientists goodbye because we don’t have to rely on them to understand our business anymore because we can now write our own Data Story with ShopifyQL Notebooks. It allows you to explore, visualize, and analyze insights, opportunities, and anything else connected to your business. Let’s all be powered by the query language!

Customer Engagement Tools – We can all agree that this is the age of automation, and Shopify has naturally jumped on the bandwagon by introducing email, chat, and marketing automation. Give them a reason to check their inbox! With Shopify’s customizable, on-brand email templates, you can now seamlessly connect with your customers. 

Shopping made better on Shop –  Shopify proudly introduces us to Shop, a digital shopping assistant that let’s your customer to bring all their favorite brands under one roof. Shop makes it easier for your customers to speed through their checkout using SHOP Pay, track their order and shipment details, and rediscover brands they love using a single mobile app.

Next up is the theme of 2) Run Your Business

Brings your back-office operations to your finger-tips!

Admin Enhancements – Tap into the many admin enhancements brought to you by Shopify. It is now possible to redesign and improve the upload, edit, organize, and set up activities! Which is now possible with Shopify’s new builk editor tool, improved app navigation, and new staff and partner permissions. You can explore them out on your shopify admin dashboard.

Shopify Fulfillment Networks – 2 – day delivery! I repeat, 2 – day delivery! That’s what Shopify is providing with their planned acquisition of Deliverr to convert more buyers so that you spend more time building your business and less time on shipping. Don’t worry, with this update Shopify streamlines your order fulfillment, returns, and product storage.

Shop Promise – Is a new badge for merchants that guarantees quick, hassle-free two-day delivery, plus gives full ownership of brand and customer data. We promise to love Shopify’s promise!

Order and Inventory Management – This new update brings order to your orders by allowing you to receive, manage, fulfill, and deliver products from a single place on Shopify. 

Shopify Flow – By automating one workflow at a time, Shopify Flows enables you to focus on what matters most and grow your business. Build custom workflows to receive real-time updates on commerce specific tasks, such as inventory tracking, fraud detection, email campaigns and much more.

Last but not the least, the theme of 3) Scaling & Building

Build, enhance and grow your business in one place.

Built for Shopify – Go native with Shopify! Utilize the brand-new program that gives developers the tools, features, and directions they need to create native apps that function and appear to be a seamless part of Shopify dashboard with better usability and performance.

Shopify Functions – Listen up developers! Shopify functions allow for maximum customization and configuration all within 5 milliseconds. You heard it right, in 5 milliseconds you can be the boss of Shopify’s backend logic. 

Shopify Balance – What if we told you that by managing your money and company in one place, you could save going to the bank and get paid sooner? With a free Shopify Balance account, you can do just that!

Shopify Capital – On the theme of money, Shopify Capital has increased funding for first-time borrowers to support businesses in accelerating growth and going further, faster.

PlanetMake space for the new Shopify app, which will render all of your deliveries carbon neutral. Showcase your commitment to your customers with this cutting-edge carbon removal project!

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