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The biggest and the most awaited product update is out and it is none other than Shopify Editions, Summer of ‘22 titled “Connect To Consumer” or smartly called C2C. 

I am excited to provide you with a quick roundup of all the product updates across Shopify!

So, Welcome to Part 1 of Shopify Editions 2022!

Let’s get started.

Up first is the theme of  (1) Customer Discovery 

Connect your brand with high-value buyers and even higher revenue!

Shopify Audiences is the new app posing as a dangerous threat to Facebook and Google Ads as it lets you find your next best customer by cleverly identifying buyers looking for your products.

Shop Cash – Guess who’s gotten real serious about the one-click checkout? Shopify! It now provides you with an opportunity to shower your customers with millions of dollars in Shop Cash rewards for their purchases via Shop Pay.

Twitter Shopping – You heard it right, you can now sell your products on Twitter and who knows Elon Musk could just become your brand new customer!

Dovetale is Shopify’s all-in-one creator management tool that’s made it easy for you and me to grow our businesses using influencer and affiliate marketing.

Shopify has gone big on the creator economy*

LinkPop – It gives the phrase “Link in Bio” two times the power as it enables the curation of anything and everything created online, which means you convert your audiences into customers!

Marketplace Kit is the quickest and easiest way to monetize your platform with commerce transactions. Marketplace Kit offers a complete set of  APIs, tools, and documentation that are required to build a powerful marketplace within just a few minutes.

Next up is the theme of  (2) Browsers to Buyers

Within only minutes convert visitors into shoppers!

B2B on Shopify – Yes, I said B2B because Shopify is now not only for B2C and D2C but also for B2B! If you wish to sell wholesale to other businesses? You can do that in one seamless, customized shopping experience by harnessing the full power of the Shopify platform to run your entire business.

Shopify Point of Sale – Lookout Square, Shopify’s making the phrase “anytime, anywhere” a reality by allowing you to sell where people shop, whether it be in person, online, or everywhere in between!

Shopify Markets have been introduced to make international selling a piece of cake – This global pursuit allows for the optimization of sales in international regions – up to almost 40%!

Shopify Checkout Extensibility – Doesn’t customising your checkout page with powerful apps and branding tools sound amazing? Well, you can do exactly that with this Shopify Plus Exclusive update which allows for more extensibility in the Shopify checkout.

Shop Pay Enhancements – We love Shopify’s “Buy now, pay later” feature, and now that Shop Pay offers “Free Fraud Protection,” we’re even happier customers.

Discount Combinations – About. Time! We’ve been waiting for this feature for a very very very long time! Thank you, Shopify.

Pre-orders and More – Flexible payment options have been worked upon and we’ve been gifted with more pre-orders, subscriptions, and “try before you buy” apps – this powerful update makes us all want to shop solely on Shopify!

Lastly, the most important theme is (3) Your Brand, Your Story

Customization is a dream and Shopify’s making the dream true!

Hydrogen + Oxygen – Goodbye commoditization, Byebye lookalike stores, and Hello Headless Commerce! Let’s thank Shopify for letting your brand be as unique as you by using Hydrogen + Oxygen to create any one-of-a-kind experience for you and for your customers! 

Tokengated Commerce Refers to the reimagination of community commerce, with NFTs paving the way for consumers-turned-fans to unlock exciting experiences by simply connecting their crypto wallets to a Shopify online store.

Search and Discovery App – Give your customers what they want, when they want with customizable search, filtering, and product recommendations. 

With that, we come to an end of Part 1 of Shopify Editions 2022!

But wait, we haven’t covered them all! Many more latest updates are talked about in Contlo’s Part 2 of Shopify Editions 2022. 

Don’t forget cause you’ll regret not watching Part 2!

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