Hi everyone! 

It’s Megha from Contlo.

I’m super excited to tell you all about the top 5 eCommerce marketing automation flows that are guaranteed to make you succeed in the world of eCommerce!

Let’s begin.

Number one Welcome Flows

It’s about time we rid ourselves of the standard, generic, traditional, boring.. welcome flows that we’ve all seen on every e-commerce platform. You’ve got your “Thanks for signing up with us!”, “Follow us on Social Media”, “Check out our Bestsellers” – the usual.

How about we add a little spice and add an Omnichannel season to it?

You can now welcome all new subscribers across Email, SMS, WhatsApp & Web Push channels. This provides you with an opportunity to make an amazing first impression by interacting with your customers across many channels.

But wait, there’s more! 

After you send your initial message asking your subscribers to check out your bestsellers, Using Contlo you can also incentivize your subscribers who haven’t made any purchase yet using a conditional split, which is like “if & else” conditions that help us perform actions & triggers based on conditional logic. 

Simply put, these are offers and discounts that are sent to customers who have placed 0 orders. With our platform, you send a discount of 10% or more and turn visitors into customers!

Number 2 Browse Abandonment 

If you want to convert curiosity into cash, then you have got to use this omnichannel Browse Abandonment flow

It all starts when a user views a product and leaves the site

We need to give the visitor some time to think about you and your products, don’t we?

So after two hours  (inset notification audio clip) – an email that might read something like  “Did you see something you liked?” is sent to the user. 

We don’t want to badger a potential customer, so we wait. After two hours, an SMS is sent that asks  “Did you make up your mind yet?”

We don’t give up and send the user a push notification that says “Were you looking for something?” probably after 4 hours.

This is then followed by a 6-hour delay where the user receives a personalized WhatsApp message.

Please remember, that the delays between each channel can be modified while creating the flows. Feel free to choose delays that work best for you.

Customers are targeted until the purchase is made final.

That’s not all! Some people are hard to crack and here’s where the last discount block email comes to play. 

Everybody loves a good discount; by sending an email providing a discount, even the stubbornest of customers are bound to think twice about buying a product offered by you!

But hey! All of this is happening once my visitor has already left?
Watch this video till the end and I’ll tell you how to stop users from leaving your store without making a purchase.

Number 3 Abandoned Cart and abandoned checkout Reminders

Did you know 70% of people who add the product to their cart end up abandoning it?

We’re shocked but not surprised and that is why Contlo helps you with the Abandoned Cart Omnichannel Reminder.

How does it work?

Once a visitor adds an item of choice into the cart and takes their leave.

Remember! You need to wait for some time, in case they come back to complete their purchase. 

If they don’t then an email is sent that reads “Forgetting something?’ reminding them about their purchase.

Furthering the prompt is an SMS that is sent after probably 2 hours.

After the passing of 24 hours, a web push notification is sent to the visitor with a reminder of their cart expiring. 

If the customer still hasn’t made the purchase then a personalized WhatsApp message is sent after some time. 

The customer should’ve been persuaded, right? It’s okay if they haven’t because, after 24 hours, a discount is emailed to them, motivating them one last time to buy the products in their cart!

You can also use a similar flow to recover an abandoned checkout, this time you might see conversion happening a lot faster as the user has already shown a very high intent of purchasing the product.

Don’t forget to include your support email or phone number in these emails, because the user might have failed to complete the checkout due to some reason. If that’s the case, users might reach out to you to address the problem.

Number 4 Customer loyalty flows – a game changer!

You can now convert would-be one-time buyers into repeat purchasers with a compelling bounce-back offer that brings someone back to keep shopping immediately after placing an order.

A simple thank you goes a long way and we nurture this in our omnichannel automation.

Once a customer has placed an order, an email of thanks with a special surprise is sent. 

Following this is an SMS, thanking the customer for the order 4 hours later. Showing some more customer love is the personalized WhatsApp message that is spent 2 hours later, thanking the customer for shopping with your brand.

Loyalty flows can also be built around various transactions, whenever they are rewarded with loyalty points or whenever they spend them.

Set up a loyalty program that levels up the game with special and exclusive messages that are meant for VIP users only. Welcome them warmly as soon as they qualify, and then keep them posted with everything.

Happy customer, happy you!

Number 5 Product or category-specific notifications while users browse your website

Let’s say you want to educate your visitors about a specific product or similar products based on their intent. Then Contlo will have to dabble with browse behavior triggers!

This one is not a part of the automation builder, but it is so powerful that we had to include it. You can use Contlo’s form builder along and set up display conditions to automate it based on your visitor’s behavior while they are still on your website.

Display a fly-out block with details about the product that matches their interest while visitors are casually browsing through a particular product page.

We set the browse trigger, then wait for nearly ten minutes before displaying a form to grab your visitor’s attention.

What if a visitor is still now buying and continues to browse through other products?

We then use flyouts or embedded form blocks to display related products that match their interests.

Remember we spoke about something at the beginning of this video? What if they try to exit the store?

We’ve got it, you can also set up a form as an exit-intent popup, offering them some amazing deals they are missing out on. This time you’re not only grabbing their attention but also might end up securing a sale.

That’s all for today!

We’ve also put together a complete ebook talking about more than 60 automation flows that you should definitely check out! The link is in the description, or visit our website contlo.com to know more. 

I hope all of these automations help you and your business succeed. 

Thank you so much for watching.

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