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A sum-up of major milestones we’ve hit together and other interesting things in the pipeline.

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Let’s begin 🙌

It’s been one heck of a week at Contlo.
Lot of stuff happened and even more exciting things are brewing, but here are some key highlights

More fuel in the rocket ship 🚀

We announced our pre-seed round of $800k led by Better Capital with participation from Titan Capital and a host of other angels. The news was covered by top-tier publications like The Business Line, YourStory, VCCircle, Entrackr, Plundge Daily, FinSMEs, and more..

We just can’t keep calm

We had launched Ecommerce OS on Product Hunt and ended up securing #2 Product of the day. 

Ecommerce OS is a Notion collection of all the community curated resources one would need to plan, start & launch or scale an Ecommerce business – be it Twitter threads, books, apps, influencers, agencies, etc.

Now, let’s talk about
what’s new in Contlo 🥂

Advanced Automation meets WhatsApp

We have enabled WhatsApp as a first class channel for automation in Contlo Marketing Platform. Now add WhatsApp in your loyalty arsenal to provide scalable personalized experiences to your customers.

We’ve launched Exit Popups

Exit popups can drive 70-80% more conversions on your website than standard forms.

CRO anyone?

This is a great way to win-back customers who are close to abandoning a purchase.

Automations Triggers based on date events

Now create automated personalized experiences for your customers based on date events. You can use it to surprise your customers with wishes and coupons on birthdays, marriage anniversary or to celebrate their association with your brand.

What’s else we’re working on?

A knowledge library focused around ecommerce growth hacks, and best practices

An ecommerce focused community to drive more sensible conversation and strengthen your network.